Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quentin Tarantino In Person, The Beaches of Agnes, In the Loop Just Added to February Calendar

Just when you finished circling all the programs you wanted to attend at the American Cinematheque this month, we went and added more shows...

Quentin Tarantino In Person

Monday, February 8 - 6:00 PM
Quentin Tarantino In-
Person! Double Feature!
, 1994, Miramax, 153 min. Director Quentin Tarantino's dazzling, nitro-fueled homage to 1930's crime fiction, Elvis Presley flicks, Los Angeles diners, Jean-Luc Godard and Jean-Pierre Melville is arguably the most audacious and exciting American film of the 1990's. The movie's brilliant, against-type casting includes John Travolta (in a career-reviving performance), Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Harvey Keitel, Eric Stolz, Maria de Medeiros, Tim Roth, Amanda Plummer, Christopher Walken and Ving Rhames. Winner of LAFCA Awards for Best Picture, Actor (John Travolta) and Screenplay (Tarantino and Roger Avary).

INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, 2009, Universal Pictures, 153 min. Tarantino's most recent cinematic achievement blends the director's trademark fetishism of film history with an emphatically violent, gung-ho pop culture assault against the 20th century's greatest villains: the Nazis. When a beautiful Jewish film projectionist recognizes the SS general (a magnetic Christopher Waltz) who riddled her family with bullets several years earlier, she brews a plan that involves revenge and celluloid. Meanwhile, a guerilla clan of Jewish-American soldiers and their twangy lieutenant (Brad Pitt) have plans of their own for the venomous Nazis. Nominated for 4 Golden Globes, including Best Motion Picture, Director, Screenplay, and a win for Waltz for Best Supporting Actor. 8 Oscar nominations. Discussion following each film with director Quentin Tarantino, moderated by Todd McCarthy.

Tuesday, February 9 - 7:30 PM
Double Feature: Cannes Film Festival Version!
, 2003, Miramax, 111 min. Dir. Quentin Tarantino. With Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Vivica Fox, Darryl Hannah, Michael Parks, Sonny Chiba. Kill Bill is both an homage and a reimagining of the genre films that Quentin Taratino has seen and loved: spaghetti westerns, Chinese martial arts films, Japanese samurai movies and anime. The film is conceived in chapters, each with the characteristic look and pulse of a specific genre and then interwoven with references from pop culture. It is the tale of Beatrix Kiddo (a perfectly cast Uma Thurman) and her quest for bloody justice after being left for dead on her wedding day.

Cannes Film Festival Version!
, 2004, Miramax, 136 min. The second and final installment in Tarantino's pulsating KILL BILL epic, Vol. 2 finds Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman at her most raw and empowering) waking from a lengthy coma and having the devastating realization that the baby she was carrying has died. This loss only serves as more fuel to her vengeful fire, and The Bride begins hunting down the final three people on her to-kill list: Budd (Bill's brother), Elle Driver (a one-eyed doozy), and Bill himself. Hyperbolically innovative death sequences, punchy color and a first-rate score by Wu-Tang Clan's The RZA make this one of the best action films of the new millennium - and also so much more than an action film. Also starring David Carradine, Michael Madsen, and Daryl Hannah.

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Critics Buzz

We're bring some films back to the big screen that we don't think go
t enough time on the big screen when they were initially released - and the critics think so too. See the films that were mentioned on a number of Critic's end of year lists...
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FEBRUARY 11 - 14:
Critic's Buzz Special Screenings:

THE BEACHES OF AGNES [Spielberg Theatre]
Thursday, February 11- 7:30 PM THE BEACHES OF AGNES
Friday, February 12 - 9:30 PM IN THE BEACH OF AGNES
Saturday, February 13 - 7:30 PM THE BEACHES OF AGNES
Sunday, February 14 - 4:00 PM THE BEACHES OF AGNES

THE BEACHES OF AGNÈS (LES PLAGES D’ AGNÈS), 2008, 110 min. "If you opened people up, you would find landscapes," Varda says in the opening voiceover of her new film. "If you opened me up, you would find beaches." Varda’s latest work is an autobiographical essay that takes a nostalgic yet penetrating look back at her life and films. Using photographs, recreations and scenes from her films, Varda illustrates the various stages of her life, from her marriage to Jacques Demy and his death in 1990 to her childhood memories of Sète, the fishing village that would become the subject of her first film. Woven through these reminiscences are lonely, dreamlike sequences shot on the beaches that have influenced and inspired her. View Trailer
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FEBRUARY 10 - 13:
Critic's Buzz Special Screenings:
Oscar Nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay
IN THE LOOP [Spielberg Theatre]

Wednesday, February 10 - 7:30 PM

Thursday, February 11- 9:30 PM

Friday, February 12 - 7:30 PM

Saturday, February 13 - 9:30 PM

IN THE LOOP, 2008, IFC Films, 106 min. Dir. Armando Iannucci. With Anna Chlumsky (Liza), Chris Addison (Toby), David Rasche (Linton), Gina McKee (Judy), James Gandolfini (General Miller), Mimi Kennedy (Karen), Olivia Poulet (Suzy), Peter Capaldi (Malcolm Tucker), Steve Coogan (Paul Michaelson), Tom Hollander (Simon Foster) and Zach Woods (Chad).

"See if this sounds familiar: A U.S. president is pushing for a war in the Middle East, going for a U.N. resolution though there's no reliable intelligence to back him up. And the Brits are staying carefully neutral, to give their prime minister room to maneuver.
Been there, seen that, you say? Not like this, you haven't. In the blistering British political satire In the Loop, bureaucratic bungling in the run-up to war is played for scabrous laughs, not a few of which will be pained laughs of recognition."
- Bob Mondello, All Things Considered (In the Loop: Wartime Fever As Screwball Tragedy)

"...a sharply written, fast-talking, almost dementedly articulate satire on modern statecraft..." - A.O. Scott, The New York Times (more)
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