Thursday, January 14, 2010

Strike TV Webisodes with a Panel of Guests, Including Actor Timothy Dalton!

It's time once again for American Cinematheque to blow up the internet -- blow it up on the big screen, that is. Friday, January 15th, we'll be screening's webisodes on the Egyptian's massive 60-foot wide screen!

Strike TV was created by screenwriters during the Writers Guild of America’s strike of 2007. Since then, it has grown to house more than 200 independently financed web series from writers of "The Office," "The Daily Show," "Friends," "The Larry Sanders Show," "Saturday Night Live," "Robot Chicken," and many more.
In addition to the webisodes this Friday night, special guests will join us in person for a discussion panel.

Hosted by Bob Kushell (writer and producer, "The Simpsons")

Panelists include:

Peter Hyoguchi: CEO of

Ken Lazebnik: Writer, A Prarie Home Companion, Star Trek: Enterprise, Touched by an Angel. Writer / Producer of "Harmony" (screening)

Matt Enlow: Producer of "Mountain Man" (screening)

Timothy Dalton: Actor, James Bond. Starring in "Unknown Sender" (screening)

Steven de Souza: Writer, Die Hard, Tomb Raider. Creator of "Unknown Sender" (screening)

Dan de Souza: Producer/Editor of "Unknown Sender" (screening)

Mindy Sterling: Actor, Austin Powers and "Unknown Sender" (screening)

Ellen Sandweiss: Actor, Evil Dead. Actor/Producer of "Dangerous Women" (screening)

Anthony Farrell: Writer, "The Office." Creator of "Dwelling" (screening)

Christopher Barrett: COO of

Lester Lewis: Writer, "The Office" and co-founder of

Ian Deitchman: CCO of

Susan Miller: Writer, "thirtysomething", "The L Word," Creator of "Anyone But Me" (screening)

Tina Cesa Ward: Co-creator of "Anyone But Me" (screening)

Lorin Wertheimer: Writer, "Girlfriends." Creator of "Speedie Date" (screening)

Patricia Scanlon: Creator of "Hildy, Hildy" (screening)

Keu Reyes: Creator of "Caesar & Chuy" (screening)

Magnus Janson: Creator of "The Goob" (screening)