Monday, March 31, 2014

16th Annual Film Noir Festival Closing Weekend Party: DETOUR

Presented in collaboration with the American Cinematheque, Film Noir Foundation and The Kitchen for Exploring Foods. Sponsored by Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, Distillery No. 209, Quady Winery's Vya, and Piper-Heidsieck.

Cancel that jewelry story heist and the visit to your bookie. You can postpone the kidnapping and the extortion phone calls too. Get paroled, whatever it takes - because we need you to be part of our racket on Saturday, April 5, 2014. Instead of getting weepy when our travels in Noir City come to the end, we're celebrating the close of our 16th annual series of Film Noir (on the big screen) at the Egyptian Theatre!

Pull the brim of your fedora down low over your face and jump on the Red Car to join a bevy of other shady characters for a celebration - Noir City style. Get in a noir mood with a screening of DETOUR, followed by a party in the Egyptian Theatre Courtyard!


Saturday, April 5, 2014
7:00 PM: Introductions and screening of DETOUR (info below).
8:45 PM: Dinner is served, bar open, entertainment begins. Party till midnight!
Our Box Office will be open until 9 PM for latecomers.

Catered Buffet dinner will be DETOUR diner-themed, but more than a step up from a roadside diner by The Kitchen for Exploring Foods! View the MENU
Wet your beak and tip a few martinis, gin fizzes or brews (but don't get as tight as a prima donna's corset!). All ticket holders will have a choice of two free alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic beverages from our bar, plus other options from a cash bar.  

Sponsors include Distillery No. 209, Piper Heidsieck, Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, Vya

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  • Shuffle with a dame or sailor to the rhythms of the Dean Mora Swingtet and the sweetest canary you'll ever hear tweet.
  • Don't let the coppers catch you gambling in the casino when they raid the burlesque show! The Victory Variety Hour performs.
  • Vintage make up styling tips and lipstick touch-ups from Besame Cosmetics, plus a vintage make-over for one lucky winner!
To enter to win the Besame Cosmetics make-over, post a photo of your favorite femme fatale on the Facebook page Film Noir Los Angeles or on Instagram or Twitter and tag @SidGrauman and #FilmNoirStyle . Enter to win by noon on April 2. You must have a ticket to the Film Noir Party to participate.
  •  Plenty of vintage photo opportunities!
Step into Noir City in vintage 1930s, 40s or 50s attire! Come as a femme fatale, gumshoe, gun moll or mobster (or come as you are - no special attire required)! When shopping for your glad rags, get 15% off merchandise at Iguana Vintage Clothing and Paper Moon Vintage and 10% off at Vintage Vortex when you mention Film Noir!

Tickets are only available on Brown Paper Tickets and will not be sold on Fandango for this event. You can also purchase a ticket in person at the Egyptian Theater box office.

Here’s how much dough it’ll set you back:
$25 General Admission
Includes Movie, Drink Tickets, Gambling, Live Music, Dancing, Burlesque Show & Other Sinister Entertainment
Tickets will be sold until 9 PM the night of the event if the event is not sold out in advance. Buy Ticket
$40 Cinematheque Member Film Noir Party with Dinner
Includes Movie, Drink Tickets, Gambling, Live Music, Dancing, Burlesque Show & Other Sinister Entertainment, Catered Dinner from The Kitchen for Exploring Foods.
Sales end Wednesday, April 2nd at 7:30 PM! A limited number of dinner tickets will be sold at the door if available. Advance tickets recommended. Buy Ticket
$45 Film Noir Party with Dinner
Includes Movie, Drink Tickets, Gambling, Live Music, Dancing, Burlesque Show & Other Sinister Entertainment, Catered Dinner from The Kitchen for Exploring Foods.
Sales end Wednesday, April 2nd at 7:30 PM! Buy Ticket.
$55 VIP Film Noir Party and Dinner
Includes Movie, Drink Tickets, Gambling, Live Music, Dancing, Burlesque Show & Other Sinister Entertainment, Catered Dinner from The Kitchen for Exploring Foods and 1st-In-Line Priority. Buy ticket
Sales end Wednesday, April 2nd at noon!
Our Sponsors!
1946, Wade Williams, 70 min, USA, Dir: Edgar G. Ulmer
“Whichever way you turn, fate sticks out a foot to trip you” in this low-budget noir classic. Hitchhiking to Hollywood, loser Tom Neal takes several wrong turns and ends up on the expressway to hell - Ann Savage plays the vixenish vagabond who ushers him there. She ends up paying a stiff toll herself.

Please note that Noir City Hollywood actually ends on Sunday, April 6, but our party is on Saturday, April 5! | DETOUR will screen in a 35mm print.

Here are a few of the suspicious activities we found some suspects engaging in at last year's party.

Photos by Lee Christian and Margot-Robin.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ode to Marvin

Marvin Paige, Casting Director, passed away in November 2013 several weeks after he sustained injuries in a car accident when he was on his way (as he often was) to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for a film screening. The piece below was written by Randy Haberkamp of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and read at Marvin's memorial at the Egyptian Theatre on his birthday (Jan. 26, 2014).


I’ve called my little speech, “Ode to Marvin”.  I don’t know why.  I think it’s because I don’t want to get overly serious about Marvin Paige.  Because, quite frankly, Marvin was, as they say, a character.

The circumstances and particulars of meeting people for the first time usually get cloudy as time passes.  After all, we rarely know when we’re meeting someone who will have more than a passing influence on our lives. 

If my memory is correct, I first met Marvin at the Moustache Café on Melrose Avenue in 1989.  I had offered to take him to lunch as I’d been told he was someone I should meet who could help me with the celebrity appearances we wanted to have at the first Cinecon to be held in Hollywood after many years, in the hopes that it would become the convention’s permanent home. 

It was the first of many times that I would buy Marvin lunch.  It was also the first of many times when we would begin planning on whom we could get to attend various film screenings and tributes.  On that first day I wasn’t really sure whether Marvin knew the people we were hoping to get, or whether he was just a guy who was good at talking people into things.    That didn’t really become clearer over the years.  All I know is that he would go to incredible lengths to track someone down once his sights were set on them and he had an incredible mental rolodex of where people were, what they had last done, and what their health situation was.

Over the years I would work with Marvin for Cinecons, for the Hollywood Studio Museum aka “the Barn” or Hollywood Heritage, and eventually and most recently at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  In between there were dozens of other places where films were screened or celebrated and Marvin was usually there.

I can’t paint a complete picture of Marvin without mentioning that I did spend a lot of time defending him.  To be honest, I still do.  Marvin wasn’t always an easy guy.  He was down right tenacious.  When he was overseeing a personal appearance of a celebrity at an event, he was right by their side from beginning to end, and when he felt the celebrity wasn’t being treated properly or needed something, he spoke up and made sure they got everything he felt they deserved.   If Marvin only knew the celebrity marginally and sometimes not at all, he still took it upon himself to represent their interests whether they asked for it or not.

More than once I’ve had to answer the question “Who is that guy?   Sometimes this question would be followed by “and who does he think he is?”  That’s Marvin Paige, I’d answer.  He’s a casting director.  The next question would often be “Why are all these older stars so loyal to him?”  Professionally many of us know that Marvin cast BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S and TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN and later GENERAL HOSPITAL for many years…and most notoriously that he advised Gloria Stuart that she should return James Cameron’s call when he was searching for his older version of Rose for TITANIC.  Why, indeed where they so loyal to him?

It had taken me a while to discover Marvin’s secrets.  He was one of the most loyal fans any classic movie star could hope to have.  He knew people’s careers inside and out, and he had actually SEEN their films (and continued to see them in revivals and reruns on TV.)  His interest went beyond his professional advancement or survival as the case may be.  He was invested.

But, beyond that, as many of you probably know, his real secret was that he was one of the few people in Hollywood who made an effort to show his appreciation to some of these classic actors in a way that actually meant something to them personally.  While working as the casting director for General Hospital, Marvin would give these actors a small part for a day or two.  Basically whatever it required to keep their SAG health insurance active.  Even years ago helping someone keep their health insurance was a great way to also insure their loyalty. 
When Marvin asked those stars to appear at a screening or to join in a party, they were not only willing, but grateful for his attention and devotion.

Marvin also knew that the way to a celebrity’s heart was actually through their family.  He not only paid attention to the star, but to the current wife or husband, the son, the daughter, the grandson, the granddaughter, of course, since he had some treasured cats of his own, even their pets.

Given Hollywood politics, it’s shouldn’t be surprising then, that this loyalty Marvin had built up often irritated younger publicists, agents, or managers who couldn’t figure all this out.  Marvin was never deterred.  Over the years I even witnessed a few celebrities who felt a bit stifled by his attention, but again, he was never deterred. 

If nothing else, surviving in Hollywood takes guts, and Marvin had guts.  I learned over time that if you didn’t work with him up front, you’d be working with him one way or another down the line.   More than once I’ve seen Marvin get the upper hand when someone thought THEY were going to be the one in charge.

Despite Marvin’s tenacity, he was amazingly easy to please.  Though I knew I’d be hit up for a lunch every time I needed his help, I never minded, because Marvin knew that the organizations I was working for didn’t have money to pay him and he never once asked me for money for himself. 

He would ask for all kinds of arrangements for the various celebrities we were working with, and I’d give them whatever accommodation I could, but other than some extra tickets, some extra reception guests, or some extra programs or giveaways, I never paid Marvin directly for his work. 

I have no doubt he was able to receive income indirectly in other ways through the connections and goodwill he made from the work we did together, but Marvin was amazingly happy and content to see his classic stars in the spotlight he thought they deserved.

Marvin was extremely proud of his membership in the Academy and if you paid attention he usually had an Academy pin on his lapel.  I know because he lost a few over the years and I was immediately hit up to supply him with replacements.   
He loved having any Academy program or poster and I’m sure there’s a plentiful supply of them from over the years among his stash of movie memorabilia. 

But that’s fine because Marvin was always willing to share his treasures.  Whenever we ran a film, he’d stop by with posters, lobby cards, press books, stills….all kinds of things he’d gathered together over the years.   

He was equally proud of telling me stories of where he’d found his various treasures, or stories of how he had given copies of the various photographs to the celebrities who had never seen that particular photo before, or of how he had managed to get them to autograph it.  Marvin’s collection wasn’t just his treasure, his collection was his memory.

I’m told that Marvin was heading to the Academy for a screening of THE CROWD when he was in the car crash that would result in the injuries from which he was unable to recover.  It’s unsettling of course, but also somehow fitting.  He was in pursuit of his love for movies right til the end.  We at the Academy suspected something was wrong when he didn’t show up that night, because he had called several times that day to confirm his tickets and change his guest list.  When Marvin didn’t show up for a screening of a classic film, it was noticed.

Since his death I’ve had several meetings with people from various organizations who inevitably ask a question something like, “Is there anyone who would know how to reach the family of this actor or that actress?”  “Is there anyone who would know if there are any surviving cast members from this classic film? “

And while I know there are lots of people IN Hollywood who know lots of people FROM Hollywood, I can honestly say there isn’t anyone else who has quite the perspective, quite the rolodex, or quite the love that Marvin had.  Ironically Marvin probably had the last PHYSICAL Rolodex in town. 

Despite his tenacious nature, despite his ability to aggravate, Marvin did provide a unique and very personal and very genuine service to movie fans everywhere as he not only arranged personal appearances here in LA, but for TV and DVD interviews as well.    Los Angeles/Hollywood/the Golden Age…what have you, is a little less golden.

There are many things I don’t know about Marvin that I’m sure I’ll discover from other stories here today.  And maybe even a few things I’d be better off not knowing.  One thing I do know is that over the years Marvin managed to give quite a few stars an opportunity to continue shining… with a boost to their morale if not exactly their bank account, AND… he gave literally thousands of fans the opportunity to meet those stars and perhaps even obtain an autograph, or better yet, a cherished personal anecdote. 

I know that Marvin helped the Academy present dozens of programs over the years that were made special through the appearance of the filmmakers and for that reason I’m glad that on behalf of the Academy I can publicly thank him, not only for his service, but that I was able to get permission from the powers that be to help cover the cost of today’s reception.  It seemed only fitting that after all Marvin’s help, there be another free lunch to share with his friends.

Thank you American Cinematheque for providing the Egyptian.  Thank you Hollywood Heritage for your additional support, and on behalf of the Academy and myself, thank you Marvin Paige somewhere in movie heaven.

- Randy Haberkamp 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Cinema Italian Style to Showcase Official Italian Oscar Entry THE GREAT BEAUTY

This week. Luce Cinecitta & American Cinematheque present "Cinema Italian Style" an annual film series that brings the best of new Italian cinema to Los Angeles for premieres. This year ten new films will be shown, including nine premieres of award-winning new films from Italy with filmmakers & actors in person! The series also includes a documentary about Federico Fellini and a screening of his iconic LA DOLCE VITA - a film which defined Italian mid-century style and made Marcello Mastroianni a star. Cinema Italian Style takes place November 14 - 23, 2013 at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica, CA, with an opening night screening of the official Italian entry to the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

The opening night is presented in collaboration with the AFI Film Festival presented by Audi and will feature the Cinema Italian Style Award presentation  with Italy's official Oscar submission for Best Foreign-Language Film, Paolo Sorrentino's dazzling THE GREAT BEAUTY, a look at the bewitching power of Rome and a writer caught up in it. That film's star, Toni Servillo, also appears in a dual role as a politician and as his flighty twin brother in the hilarious LONG LIVE FREEDOM; director Roberto Ando joins us in person for a discussion after the comedy. Further exploring the humorous potential of current Italian politics is Riccardo Milani's WELCOME MR. PRESIDENT, the Capra-esque tale of a simple man who shakes up a cynical capitol with his straight forward approach to governing. Actress Kasia Smutniak will introduce the screening.

Food and family provide a touch of humor - and plenty of poignancy - to a pair of films making their Los Angeles debuts. A FIVE STAR LIFE follows an inspector for the Leading Hotels of the World who spends her life on the road testing the service at 5-star hotels; director Maria Sole Tognazzi joins us in person for a discussion after the film. In Paolo Genovese's A PERFECT FAMILY, a rich man gathers the perfect family around him for the Christmas holidays - by hiring a troupe of actors. Lead actress Claudia Gerini will appear in person with the film.

On a different note, actress Valeria Golino makes her directorial debut with HONEY, a story of assisted suicide; the film's star, Jasmine Trinca, joins us for the screening. Documentarian Leonardo Di Costanzo makes his narrative feature debut with THE INTERVAL, about two teens - one a captor, the other captive - in a cavernous building outside of Naples. Daniele Luchetti's keenly observed THOSE HAPPY YEARS looks at a narcissistic artist whose career and marriage go up in flames. And director Giuseppe Tornatore (CINEMA PARADISO) returns with THE BEST OFFER, which stars Geoffrey Rush as the manager of a prestigious auction house who becomes obsessed with a mysterious client. Twenty years after his passing, we remember Federico Fellini with director Ettore Scola's new documentary HOW STRANGE TO BE NAMED FEDERICO, followed by a screening of the Fellini classic LA DOLCE VITA.

The 2013 edition of Cinema Italian Style (November 14-23) is dedicated to Federico Fellini in remembrance of the 20th anniversary of his passing. The Maestro’s work and contributions to the world of cinema will be remembered and celebrated with a special tribute on November 23rd at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica through the screening of one of Fellini’s masterpieces LA DOLCE VITA and Ettore Scola’s latest film, HOW STRANGE TO BE NAMED FEDERICO, dedicated to their life-long friendship.

Each year, the Cinema Italian Style Award is given to an international personalities who continually promotes the best of Italian Cinema all over the world. The award is sponsored by Vhernier. This year the recipients are filmmakers Bernardo Bertolucci and Paolo Sorrentino. The award is presented at the opening night, prior to the screening..
All films are in Italian with English subtitles, unless otherwise noted.

Click for the complete schedule. Advance tickets:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Added Events In October: River Phoenix's Final Film & Encore Presentation of ROSEMARY'S BABY Filmmaking Seminar

River Phoenix's Last Film 

DARK BLOOD Premieres In Conjunction With New Book Last Night At The Viper Room

Aero Theatre

After nearly two decades, George Sluizer's thriller DARK BLOOD has finally been completed and will have its Los Angeles Premiere at our very own Aero Theatre on Tuesday, October 29th. This is an added event that was not previously on our print calendar. The film stars the late River Phoenix as Boy, a damaged young widower with Native American roots living in the desert when a married couple with car trouble enter his life - and find he's in no hurry to return them to civilization. 

This premiere screening also coincides with the release of author/journalist Gavin Edwards' new book Last Night at the Viper Room: River Phoenix and the Hollywood He Left Behind. In it, Edwards chronicles the young star's rise in Hollywood - including an Oscar nomination at the age of 18 for RUNNING ON EMPTY - his place in '90s pop culture, and the lasting legacy left behind after his untimely death at the age of 23. Edwards will be on hand at October 29th's Los Angeles Premiere of the film to sign copies of his book (sold by our friends at Larry Edmunds Bookshop) and speak with audience members at a reception beginning at 6:30PM in the Aero Theatre lobby. He will also introduce the 7:30PM screening.

Event Details On Our Website

Tue, Oct 29, 2013 
Los Angeles Premiere! Reception & Book Signing Of New Book On River Phoenix!

Beginning at 6:30PM in the lobby, author Gavin Edwards will sign copies of his new book Last Night at the Viper Room: River Phoenix and the Hollywood He Left Behind, sold by Larry Edmunds Bookshop. There will also be a pre-screening reception for all ticket holders.
Introduction by author Gavin Edwards.

2013, Cinemavault, 86 min, USA, Dir: George Sluizer
Boy (River Phoenix), a young widower with native American roots, lives in a desert in the USA contaminated by nuclear tests. In this desolate place, surrounded by katchina dolls which the indigenous population believes possess magical powers, he awaits the end of the world. His refuge is suddenly invaded by Harry and Buffy (Jonathan Pryce and Judy Davis), a couple second honeymooning in an attempt to save their marriage. When their Bentley breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Boy offers to help. But then, hoping to cross over into a better world with Buffy, he starts treating them like prisoners. When Dark Blood’s leading actor River Phoenix died suddenly ten days before the end of the shoot in 1993, the film’s insurance company became the owner of the unfinished material. Years later, director George Sluizer managed to save his footage from being destroyed. In January 2012 he decided to edit the unfinished film. The resulting work is an existentialist latter-day Western which derives much of its evocative power from the presence of its leading man, who was himself teetering on the brink of death.
Tickets on

Encore Presentation of 

Deconstructing ROSEMARY'S BABY: Master Class In Screen Direction

Added October 30th Thomas Ethan Harris seminar for filmmakers and film lovers alike!

Egyptian Theatre - Spielberg

It's no shock that film fans flocked to attend the newest seminar from Thomas Ethan Harris, focusing on how Roman Polanski's horror classic ROSEMARY'S BABY utilizes every cinematic aesthetic to elicit the purest dramatic effect from its audience. The October 17th event sold out quickly, but fear not - Mr. Harris will return on Wednesday, October 30th to present the seminar a second time! Thomas advises for attendees to note, "We will not be watching ROSEMARY’S BABY in its entirety. Seminar attendees are encouraged to view the whole film in advance of attending the seminar." - and this back-by-popular-demand event has the added bonus of coming one day after the Egyptian Theatre's screening of ROSEMARY'S BABY on Tuesday, October 29thSo if you're a filmmaker yourself or you just want to take a look at the ins-and-outs of how a cinematic masterpiece is achieved, take this opportunity to revisit a classic on the big screen, and return the next day to dissect the film in an open dialogue with an audience of like-minded cinephiles. Topics on the agenda include:

• How does ROSEMARY’S BABY take primary elements of scene construction and blend them to have such a powerful effect on the audience?

• How does ROSEMARY’S BABY deconstruct and challenge genre horror film conventions to find many of its most significant thrills?

• How has ROSEMARY’S BABY managed to survive the title wave of horror films and torture porn of the last decade to continually connect with contemporary audiences?

ROSEMARY'S BABY Screening: Tuesday, October 29th
*The film screens on the second half of a double bill with the new horror film PROXY. Your ticket will give you entry into both films.

Deconstructing ROSEMARY Seminar: Wednesday, October 30th

“This Is No Dream! This Is Really Happening!”

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vintage Travel Fashion Presentation, Fashion Show & Lucy and Desi Movie on August 11

image courtesy of

Presented by Clever Vintage Clothing, and the American Cinematheque with the support of the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles:

Planes, Trains and Automobiles:

Vintage Travel Fashion

Vintage Travel Fashion Presentation
Vintage Fashion Show
Lucy & Desi Movie
Vintage Clothing Pop Up Boutique
Sunday, August 11 - 2:00 PM
American Cinematheque at the Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Doors Open at 1:00 PM for Shopping at the Clever Vintage Clothing Pop Up Boutieque in the Egyptian Theatre Lobby.
Pick up a $2 off admission coupon for this event at the Clever Vintage Clothing booth at the $50 and under sale this Saturday at Helm's Bakery!
All aboard for a high fashion holiday with Dave Temple of Clever Vintage Clothing! Using images from the pages of vintage Vogue magazines and live models dressed for travel (complete with period luggage) he will take us on a fascinating journey through the Golden Age of Travel aboard steamships, trains, automobiles and finally, the jet airplane to illustrate how the ever-changing popular modes of travel in the first half of the 20th century influenced women's fashion.
Shop at the Clever Vintage Clothing pop store in the lobby for those must-have vintage vacation ensembles from 1:00 - 2:00 PM or following the lecture at 3 PM! A screening of THE LONG, LONG TRAILER starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as well-dressed newlweds on a honeymoon (in a long, long trailer), directed by Vincente Minnelli will follow at approximately 3:30 PM. It's a "Honeymoon on Wheels!"
See the Trailer for THE LONG, LONG TRAILER!
Please forward to a friend using the links below this message!
Share this event on Facebook. An RSVP to the Facebook event won't get you in the door. You'll still need to purchase a ticket.
Egyptian Theatre on Fandango or call 1-800-FANDANGO 
$11 General  |  $9 Student/Senior (Box Office Only)  |  $7 Cinematheque Member 
Box Office opens at 12:30 PM. Tickets available at the door. You must have a ticket to access the Pop Up Shop.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Al Pacino at the American Cinematheque (Note the Egyptian program time change!)

Al Pacino as King Herod in SALOME
Here at the American Cinematheque, we're beginning the month of August in a big way - we're thrilled to welcome actor and filmmaker Al Pacino for appearances at both the Egyptian and Aero Theatres! 

Please note that the time of the August 10th program at the Egyptian has changed from 7:30 PM to 5:30 PM due to a schedule conflict for Mr. Pacino. SALOME will begin at 5:30 PM. At 7:30 PM, WILDE SALOME will be shown. The Q&A with Mr. Pacino will follow WILDE SALOME. After the Q&A, SALOME will be projected again for those who cannot arrive at 5:30 PM. Tickets are still on sale for this program!

Pacino and theatrical director Estelle Parsons spent nearly two years developing a production of Oscar Wilde's Salome, the story of a princess who lived in the time of Jesus, before bringing it to Broadway, and then to Los Angeles's Wadsworth Theatre in Westwood in 2006. Jessica Chastain, a young actress then two years out of Juilliard's drama program and credited with a few TV roles, was cast in the title role, alongside Pacino as King Herod. Pacino worked with a camera crew to document the process of creating and executing the Los Angeles production. Now, several years later, his documentary WILDE SALOME is a finished work, capturing the highs and lows of presenting this challenging piece of theatre through a revealing and avant-garde journey on film. Paired with it is SALOME, Pacino's narrative filming of the play.

After her role as Salome, Jessica 
Chastain went on to star in 
Terrence Malick's THE TREE OF LIFE 
and receive Oscar nominations for 
her roles in THE HELP and ZERO 
 first appearance in a feature film. 

"SALOMÉ is my attempt to merge play and film. The mediums can collide and my hope is to have them unify so that you're seeing pure theater on film. To make that hybrid effective has been my goal; to have the more naturalistic photogenic qualities of film complement the language-driven essence of theater." - Al Pacino

Sold Out!

Aero Theatre, Santa Monica
Double Feature: WILDE SALOME & SALOME 
Discussion following SALOME with Al Pacino.

This event at the Aero is now sold out. 
There will be a standby line at the door on the night of the show.

Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood
Discussion following WILDE SALOME with Al Pacino.
Due to the change in the start time, SALOME will screen again after the discussion with Mr. Pacino for those who cannot arrive by 5:30PM.

Tickets are still available for the event at the Egyptian and can be purchased on Fandango here.

No passes or vouchers will be accepted for these programs. Advance tickets are recommended.

More on the films:

2013, Salome Productions, 78 min, USA, Dir: Al Pacino
The story of a princess who lived in the time of Jesus. Salomé is in love with prophet John the Baptist, whom her stepfather, King Herod, has imprisoned in a well for heresy. But her love is spurned, and after the king drunkenly promises the princess anything she wants in exchange for an erotically charged dance, Salomé puts Herod in a terrible position by demanding the head of John the Baptist - the only man the king fears. 

2011, Salome Productions, 95 min, USA, Dir: Al Pacino
This filmic collage captures the highs and lows of presenting a challenging work by one of the greatest writers of the 20th century, Oscar Wilde. Staging the play live in Los Angeles, director Al Pacino tackles its problems and issues and helps discover a new star, Jessica Chastain, in the title role of SALOMÉ. Pacino also grapples with Wilde’s need to express something utterly different from anything he had written before, and with finding a way to make a movie of the entire event. An unusual, revealing and avant-garde journey into the light and heart of Oscar Wilde's masterwork.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Goblin: Giallo Live at the Egyptian Theatre

Planning ahead for the Halloween season? The American Cinematheque and Amity co-present Goblin: Giallo Live, the first Los Angeles performance of the Italian Progressive Rock band Goblin in their entire 40 year history! On Tuesday, October 22, 2013 and Wednesday, October 23, 2013, Goblin will perform a full, live set pulled from their most iconic scores, including: Dario Argento's giallo classics Suspiria, Tenebrae, and Deep Red, and George A. Romero's seminal Dawn of the Dead. Immediately following Goblin's performance will be a rare 35mm print screening of Argento's DEEP RED on October 22 and TENEBRAE on October 23. The October 22 show sold out in about an hour on Saturday, June 29th so a second show was added on October 23. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday, July 13 at 10 AM.

The line up for this tour will include original members since 1975 Claudio Simonetti and Maurizio Guarini (keyboards) and Massimo Morante (guitar). The band is rounded out by drummer Titta Tani and bassist Bruno Previtali that joined in 2010.

To celebrate Goblin's first show in Los Angeles, Beyond Fest is producing a limited edition poster designed by seminal UK artist Graham Humphreys. A fan favorite of the band, Graham's poster will be made available exclusively at the show.

Goblin: Giallo Live is part of the inaugural Beyond Fest, a genre festival that will take place at the Egyptian Theatre October 13 - 27. Details of the events of the festival will be announced at a later date.

Tickets are $33.50 general admission $33.50 and  $78.50 for a VIP experience. Only 60 VIP tickets will be sold in total. VIP admission includes access t the band's soundcheck, pre-show meet and greet with the band, commemorative event poster signed by Graham Humphreys and first entry into the theatre for the live performance and TENEBRAE screening.

Tickets for this event are only available online on The previously announced 10/22 show sold out in one hour so immediate purchase is strongly encouraged.

No tickets will be sold at the box office or on fandango for this event.