Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK - News from CapeTown: April 9, 2013

One particularly nasty ex-Special Forces and now convicted Fed bank robber, “Snake” Plissken (Kurt Russell) is power-gliding back onto the big screen in the 1981 futuristic thriller ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK on May 3 courtesy of Rialto Pictures. There hasn't been a screen-able 35mm print of the film in decades, but Rialto decided to make a brand new DCP just for the EW CapeTown Film Festival screening with Kurt Russell in person! This new DCP of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK will be available to cinemas in May 2013, so take note repertory cinemas! Click here for information on how to book it.

Rialto Pictures is thrilled to announce that ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK will premiere in DCP format at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theatre on Friday, May 3, as part of the 2013 Entertainment Weekly/CapeTown Film Festival, presented by The American Cinematheque. Kurt Russell will appear in a rare onstage interview. The screening at the Egyptian Theatre is sold out, but there will be a standby line. More CapeTown news.