Monday, September 21, 2009

Gabriel Byrne ("In Treatment") will join us IN PERSON for the opening night of the Irish Film Festival at the Aero on Thursday. He will speak following a documentary about him - GABRIEL BYRNE: STORIES FROM HOME - so you can hear from the on...screen Byrne and the in person Byrne and then compare and contrast. Byrne's doc is on a double feature with PEACEFIRE and a short that sounds pretty cool - there is NOTHING better than tongue in cheek claymation in our book!

2008, Goldcrest Independent/mayFLY Entertainment, 87 min. Dir. Macdara Vallely. Colin (John Travers, SONG FOR A RAGGY BOY) is a joy-riding hood who couldn’t care less about the local political situation. But a chance encounter with a ruthless detective (Gerry Doherty) turns him into an informer for the so-called forces of law and order and a target for retribution for his father’s old mates in the Irish
Republican Army. "... (M)uch of its dramatic power comes from quiet, visually poetic moments." – Peter Brunette, The Hollywood Reporter. Trailer

Plus "Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty" (Ireland, 2008, 6 min.) Dir. Nicky Phelan. A seemingly sweet old lady loses the plot as she tells her version of Sleeping Beauty to her terrified granddaughter.

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