Thursday, May 7, 2009

An Evening with Atom Egoyan & Company at the Aero Theatre

by Randy Wyatt
April 24, 2009

You want a piece of me?

Wow, what a contrast to last night’s RED DAWN Q&A. Two movies seemingly worlds apart --25 years certainly – yet both touching on many of the same themes, social and familial issues, and their respective cultural roots, the ties that both bind and repel human beings from their fellows.
Vengeance, terrorism, and the justification or insufficient grounds for justification of acts of extreme violence and mass murder – and the discussion between characters regarding the moral implications of said issues – exist in both films, at times at great lengths. Certainly, in RD, it constitutes some of the longer and certainly more meaningful stretches of dialogue, in the case of tonight’s SNEAK PREVIEW of ATOM EGOYAN’s ADORATION at the Aero, this debate between characters and by proxy us the audience is catapulted into the cyber age. ADORATION opens with a series of settling images, a young boy in a park, a girl playing violin on a pier overlooking a placid lake. Then quickly we’re watching a teenage boy (played wonderfully by DEVON BOSTICK), videotaping an elderly man in a hospital bed. His father perhaps? But wait, as will happen with the reveal of the remaining cast of the characters, we’re opened to one possibility and or truth only to have that appearance of truth shift with the unfolding plotline. Not as much verisimilitude as in a crafty magician’s legerdemain within a topnotch screenplay. The bedridden patient will be revealed as his grandfather and what began as an exercise in high school French class balloons into a massive internet hoax with potentially dire consequences. The drama’s stakes intensify as the faux history ala chat room prank spirals out of control. But this is a “Sneak Preview,” so I will not reveal, divulge, or any other way compromise the story, besides there’s so much more to talk about, namely Mr. Egoyan and Co.
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