Saturday, February 21, 2009

Special Guests at THE DEER HUNTER Screening March 1st

Since our calendar went to print, Actor John Savage and original story co-writer Quinn Redeker have confirmed that they will be available to introduce the screening at the Egyptian on March 1st.

Sunday, March 1 – 7:30 PM

THE DEER HUNTER, 1978, Universal, 183 min. From the opening scenes of hunter Robert De Niro and friends Christopher Walken, John Savage and John Cazale stalking deer in the mist-shrouded Pennsylvania hills, to the shattering prisoner-of-war games in the Vietnam jungles, director Michael Cimino's masterwork is a sprawling, ambitious epic of men wounded by pride, country and friendship, struggling to drag each other back to a place of safety. Co-starring Meryl Streep. Winner of five Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Supporting Actor (Walken). "Its feelings for time, place and blue collar people are genuine, and its vision is that of an original, major new filmmaker." -- Vincent Canby, The New York Times

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